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Manchester United officials in Madrid sign Rodrygo

One of the Merengue side’s heavyweights is on the verge of a move to the Premier League, or at least that’s what the Devil club directors want, having spoken one-on-one with Florentino

With all the hypotheses, theories and analyzes about Kylian Mbappé replacing Rodrygo, Manchester United took advantage of the situation. And the England team are also convinced that the Brazilian winger will storm onto the bench or probably outside the Santiago Bernabéu.

It is clear that Rodrygo will not relish being a substitute after playing an important role in Ancelotti’s attacking system. But the situation will require it, because the trident between Vinicius and Bellingham and Mbappé will be epic. Therefore, Manchester United emissaries traveled to the Spanish capital to negotiate the signing of the former Santos.

EGD Real Madrid
Rodrygo could move to Manchester United before being used as a luxury substitute at Madrid. (c) Digital goal photo.

Florentino is ready to do business with Manchester United for Rodrygo

The Merengue president knows that the operation will not be cheap for the French striker, even if he will arrive with a letter of freedom. As is well known, the Paris striker will receive a transfer bonus of 130 million euros, divided over the five years of the contract. This is without taking into account the basic salary, which is around 22 kilos per year.

Investing in this operation will represent a major financial burden for Real Madrid and therefore requires financing. The president believes United’s interest in a player like Rodrygo is very opportune, as the Brazilian is valued at €100 million. The British club is not allowed to pay this amount but his suggestion is not less than 60 kilos.

Manchester United directors also visited the offices of Atlético and Barcelona

The managers of the Mancunian team took advantage of their visit to Madrid and decided to conclude another negotiation, but this time it is a sale. Most people know that English attacker Mason Greenwood is still owned by the Devil team. But they also know that there is no door here at Old Trafford. So the sale is more than necessary.

Although Getafe CF (the team where he plays on loan) has stated that they are ready to pay up to 40 million euros for the young attacker, he wants to join a project that will take part in an international tournament next season becomes. So the directors of Manchester United will meet with those of FC Barcelona and Atlético, who are interested in Greenwood.

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