Kidnapped six months ago by a jihadist group in northern Mali, journalist Olivier Dubois is the only captive hostage in the world. His relatives and colleagues mobilized to recall the existence of the man, of whom we have no proof of life since May 4, 2021.

The last image of Olivier Dubois dates back to May 4, 2021, it was taken by her captors as part of a video. Kidnapped in northern Mali on April 8, 2021, Olivier Dubois is now the last French hostage in the world. But for his wife, who now resides in Bamako (Mali), very few people are aware of his situation. “I was in France some time ago, and I was surprised that not all the people I spoke to about Olivier were aware of his situation.“, testifies Deborah Al Hawi Al Masri, partner of Olivier Dubois. Same story with his sister, who wants to mobilize public opinion.

Friday, October 8, thanks to the Reporters sans Frontières association, a mobilization across France was organized to remind public opinion of the situation of Olivier Dubois. His portrait has been displayed on the facade of many monuments. “We took the decision to publicize more strongly, to include the face of Olivier Dubois in the public space, but also to remind the state apparatus of the case of Olivier Dubois.“, explains Christophe Deloire, of Reporters sans Frontières.