Maisons du monde celebrates 20 years of its arrival in Spain

in 2003, Houses of the World, the french company of the inspiring and affordable home, opened its first store in Spain. Since it was born in France 27 years ago, and throughout these last two decades in our country, the designers and stylists of the French firm have developed unique collections and iconic furniture inspired by their clients, and following trends from around the world.

For this reason, Maisons du Monde wanted to hold an anniversary event at its store on Calle Serrano to claim the company’s impact on Spanish society and on the decoration and style that fill Spanish homes.

And it is that, currently, Maisons du Monde has a portfolio of 7 million customers in Spain and 36 stores throughout the territorywhich employ 600 workers.

“We are very happy to have arrived here in Spain, it has been 20 years working to inspire all people to create unique spaces and achieve happy and pleasant homes. We look forward to celebrating many more years,” he said. Pierre Barbe, Director of Communication at Maisons du Monde.

During the event, spokespersons for the brand explained how the company has evolved along with society, and how this has been transmitted in its collections, such as, for example, making its collections more and more sustainable, which is why they count for more than a year with his initiative good is beautifulthe sustainable product offer, designed to respect people and the planet, which represents 30% of the brand’s offer, forming part of the commitment to achieve a better world, where design and sustainability go hand in hand.

Lastly, and as a tribute to its 20 years in Spain, the firm carried out a selection of 10 iconic piecesthose that have been most successful when it comes to decorating Spanish homes.

Maisons du Monde Business Corners: 10 years supporting businesses and professionals

In addition, the brand announced the launch of its first dedicated space for professionals in the San Sebastián de los Reyes store to offer adapted solutions, durable and accessible for each business in Spain and with comprehensive assistance, the Business Corners. And it is that the brand has been helping professionals in their opening or renovation projects of hotels, restaurants, offices, etc. for more than 10 years.

The company has in-depth knowledge of interior and exterior conditioning, and offers clients adapted, durable and accessible solutions for each space and with comprehensive assistance. There are already 520 references dedicated exclusively to professional use: intensive use, folding tops, adjustable legs, stackable chairs, etc. All this to respond with style to the needs of professional clients.

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