Home World Maduro imprisons Corina Machado’s campaign team

Maduro imprisons Corina Machado’s campaign team

Maduro imprisons Corina Machado's campaign team

Two detainees and seven arrest warrants. The Attorney General’s Office of Venezuela, which according to the United Nations is not independent of the government of Nicolás Maduro, arrested this Wednesday Henry Alviarez and Dignora Hernández, responsible for the political work of the party of the opposition leader María Corina Machado. They accused them of planning violent actions in the Caribbean country.

Likewise, Attorney General Tarek William Saab announced seven arrest warrants against other members of the opposition Unitary Platform’s presidential candidate’s team after he detained a video containing an alleged confession of Emill Brandt, the head of a section of the Machados regional party, a week ago on the grounds that they were allegedly planning “destabilizing actions.” They are looking for Oswaldo Bracho, Pedro Urruchurtu, Omar González, Humberto Villalobos, Claudia Macero, former minister Fernando Martínez Mottola and Magalli Meda, Machado’s campaign manager.

Before Saab’s speech yesterday, March 20, an amateur video circulated on social networks that captured the moment officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (DIP) of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) forcibly took Hernández away in a van while she screamed “Help.”

“Will the Office of the UN High Commissioner or the NGOs heavily funded with millions of dollars come out and say that these are enforced disappearances?” Because it is already a repeat when such events occur,” challenger Tarek William Saab told the panel Cameras.

According to Nicolás Maduro’s attorney general, the plans were financed by non-governmental organizations with money from abroad, contacted exiled Venezuelan military personnel and organized violent street protests. He showed a video in which Brandt says Magalli Meda and Henry Alviárez gave instructions on “destabilizing measures they should take to force the authorization of María Corina Machado.”

In the documentary, Emill Bradt explains that the plan was to incite violence and provoke the actions of military and police officers “so that they could become victims and commit acts of violence from Barinas.” Saab added that the detainee “reported that on December 27, Henry Alviárez traveled to Barinas – a state in the west of the country – to contact retired General Oswaldo Bracho, who, along with Julio Borges and Antonio, was in charge of coordinating the military in exile was responsible.” Ledezma. –both in exile–. “The prisoner states that if the manipulated marches on the streets had no effect, Henry Alviárez with Julio Borges, Antonio Ledezma and Oswaldo Bracho would initiate the second stage with the entry of the military in exile via Cúcuta (Colombia) to Táchira, ” he said. .

So far this year, seven leaders of the Vente Venezuela opposition group have been arrested, six of whom remain in prison. Two other people were arrested and released under judicial supervision. Two of the people now identified with arrest warrants, Pedro Urruchurtu and Claudia Macero, had already been prosecuted last November after Machado won the opposition primaries and were banned from leaving the Latin American country.

Presidential candidate María Corina Machado accused the Bolivarian regime on social network X of exercising “brutal repression” against her campaign teams. “These cowardly actions aim to block Venezuela’s path to change and freedom in peace and democracy,” he wrote.

While waiting for the former MP and presidential candidate to make a statement to the media on Wednesday afternoon, her political party Vente Venezuela denounced that the area around its national headquarters in Caracas had been surrounded by intelligence agents and politicians

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