Maduro assures that in 2024 there will be elections and Venezuela will continue “in peace”

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assured this Saturday that in 2024 there will be presidential elections in the Caribbean nationafter which whoever is elected will be sworn in and the country will continue "in peace" and "in democracy".

"in 2024 the presidential elections will come, the people will vote, elect and, on January 10, 2025, the president-elect will be sworn in and will follow the course of our country, in peace, in democracy, with popular leadership", emphasized the president during a special interview broadcast by the state channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

"I don’t care what imperialism, the right or Europe thinks of the Venezuelan democratic process"Maduro said about the international recognition of the results of the elections scheduled for 2024.

"The expectation we have is the same as always. We do not care what imperialism or the oligarchies think about the political, social, institutional, cultural, and economic life of Venezuela. It doesn’t matter to us whether they say something or not, whether they acknowledge or not."he emphasized.

Maduro referred to the support that the US and Europe offered to the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó when, in 2019, he proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela and led a call "interim government"and checked this "plan" of "trial defeated, failed, unsuccessful".

He assured that, as on that occasion, Venezuela "will run its course"after the presidential elections.

He "interim government"which controlled assets abroad and promoted an international financial siege against the Executive of the Caribbean countrywas dissolved last January by decision of the majority of opponents who had supported Guaidó four years ago.

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Currently, the opposition is preparing for internal primaries, scheduled for October 22, in which they will choose the candidate who will compete against the ruling party in the presidential elections.

this week announced that Guaidó and former governor Henrique Capriles will be among the candidates for the anti-Chavismo internal elections.

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