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Madrid’s offer to Ceballos: three years, contract improvement…

Ceballos has a renewal offer from Real Madrid... and two more

The renewal of Dani Ceballos (Utrera, 26 years old) by Real Madrid is very close to completion. The white club is very optimistic about reaching an agreement with the player, as AS has learned. After Nacho, who, as this newspaper has reported, has decided to continue with the Madrid team for one more season, Ceballos should be the next to capture his continuity.

Real Madrid’s offer meets the footballer’s claims. The entity proposes a salary increase that is not ostensible, but sufficient. And he gives him a three-year contract. Ceballos would end his relationship at the age of 29, the ideal age to negotiate then, if the parties so wish, an extension for two or three more seasons before fully entering into the year-to-year renewal policy that the white club follows when the players cross the border of 30 years. Madrid is expected to accept this offer and reject the proposals that have come from England and Italy (Inter).

In addition, he has one more trick to convince Ceballos. Carlo Ancelotti has delayed his holidays to speak with the player this Tuesday. The Italian coach should have already gone to the United States and Canada, his vacation destination, but has decided to wait to have a sincere conversation with Ceballos. They have already spoken these days and he wants to finish the job. In no case will Ancelotti promise him ownership, but he does assure him that he will have more minutes than he has had. Ceballos has played this course in 46 games without reaching 2,000 minutes (1,939 ‘). Ancelotti is also confident that he will have Ceballos in 2023-24. “From what I see, I think they both stay”, he said on Sunday about the utrerano and Nacho.

The scenery of the last game of the season at the Bernabéu against Athletic invites us to think that Ceballos will continue in white. To the public’s shouts of “Ceballos, stay!”, he responded with gestures of gratitude. It is his role in the team that worries him. Bellingham is close and of the barrage of casualties, none are from the midfield. Hence, he has had (and may still have some) doubts about his renewal. But Madrid is very optimistic about sealing its continuity.

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