Home Sports Madrid conquers Europe and wins its fourth junior Euroleague

Madrid conquers Europe and wins its fourth junior Euroleague

Madrid conquers Europe and wins its fourth junior Euroleague

Madrid is junior European champion. The players of javier juarez they get their fourth Euroleague title Adidas Next Generationthus breaking the tie with the three from CSKA and positioning themselves as a team with more trophies continental all over Europe.

They achieved it in a game marked by equality, by the constant tug of war against a Next Generation Team that stood up at the end. It was difficult for the visitors to enter the match, but when they did they showed why they are a fearsome team in Europe.

As already demonstrated in the previous duel against Barça, in the Clásico who decided who bought the ticket for the grand finale, jan videwhich ended with 19 points and, in the background, Diagne (12 and Hugo Gonzalez (17), head a golden generation, one of the best academies on the entire continent. On the part of the visitors, Pietrus was the best with 15 points.

The match couldn’t have started better. saw and Demin commanded an attack that was going wonderfully and he even put the 16-2 on the scoreboard. The visitors were from less to more. Diagne was difficult to find because of Faye ‘s constant influence . Good defense of the ANGT Team, who knew how to show his physical abilities. Stuknys He provided direction in the rival team. Good ball movement from Madrid finding exterior pitches. Two triples from Demin put the 20-10 at the end of the first quarter.

The ANGT Team was finding their rhythm and doing damage with quick possessions. The physical prevailed, and they took advantage in some sections. Madrid, depending on individualities. Edigin, the German, was the lighthouse for the visiting team. They took a while to settle on the track, but when they did, they showed why they are in the grand final. Illan Pietrus, son of the legendary florentwent into action with a good 3+1.

At Madrid, Demin and Vide continued at the helm of the team. Hugo González was not very participatory. partial de 0-13 of the visitors to take the lead for the first time on the scoreboard (22-23). Faye started to do damage. Diagne tried to stop him. The Senegalese could not find balls to the post. Constant exchange of blows between the two. Each possession is worked.

The combined of Petteri Koponen, history of European basketball and former Barca player constantly searched for Faye under the hoop His physique is hard to stop in the paint. Vide was an oasis in the desert, receiving in high post and scoring with house trademark baskets. The Slovenian wrist got Madrid out of trouble at the worst moment of the first half. 37-34 at halftime.

Fights in the hoops at the start of the third quarter. Madrid’s defensive intensity was excellent. Hugo González began to get into tune, finishing the counters well. This high rhythmor benefited Madrid and, above all, bosnjakovicwhich he took advantage of to punish from outside.

Jan Vide and Bosjnakovic celebrate a basket in the Junior Euroleague final

Pietrus and Faye encouraged the team in low hours and They cut distances. Diagne’s best minutes, who began to feel comfortable with the reverse and taking out the hook. Madrid missed him. 56-48 at the end of the third quarter.

Madrid could not escape and close the game. The exchange of baskets resulted in a constant equality. More prominence from Hugo González and Diagne in the last quarter. suffering the white team on the rebound. Many second Chances of the visitors.

It had to be Jan Vide. Again the Slovenian. The young talent from the Madrid youth academy came out to save the ballot in his last junior game. One of the biggest european pearls, responded to the responsibility of the team and gave the victory to a Madrid that has won all four games in the final phase, closing a tournament to remember. He was chosen MVP of the final phase of the junior Euroleague.

Madrid junior emerges victorious from Kaunas, demonstrating what it has exported to Europe in the last decade. One of the best quarries from the whole continent. Madrid, junior Euroleague champion for fourth time.

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