Beeple has quickly become one of the most famous artists working with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Beeple has been named Artist of the Year for 2021 and has sold a work of art called 5000 Everydays for $69 million. He is also known for his controversial or perhaps strange works of art. It is therefore not surprising that he has entered into a collaboration with pop star Madonna. Together they are working on the “Mother of Creation” NFT line.

An NFT collection for mothers

The Mother of Creation NFT line will feature three different NFTs all based on being a mother and giving birth. The NFTs will be videos of Madonna giving birth to all kinds of different things related to life and humanity. More information about the NFTs can be found on the official website of the project.

I never want to be provocative just to provoke. They represent hope. They stand for technologysay Madonna about the NFTs.

The first NFT is named Mother of Nature and shows the life of plants. The NFT is a video showing Madonna naked on a flying lab bed while giving birth from a tree. The tree quickly grows into a large tree and eventually moss and various flowers grow on it. Madonna’s voice can also be heard during the trial. The video lasts a minute in total.

The second NFT was named Mother of Evolution and show the life of animals. Once again we see a naked Madonna sitting on a rusted car in a post-apocalyptic city while giving birth to a swarm of butterflies. At the end of the video we zoom out and we see that the city around Madonna is collapsing.

The third and final NFT is called Mother of Technology and shows the development of technology. Again Madonna is naked and this time we see her in a forest. She gives birth to various mechanical caterpillars that crawl out of her and walk over her.

This collection will be available on May 11. All three pieces will be auctioned on the Superrare platform.


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