Madeleine McCann: Mystery of disappearance close to being solved after 16 years

Julia Wendel, a Polish woman who claims to be the girl who disappeared 16 years ago, has flown to the US to have her DNA tested.

Polish woman Julia Wendel has arrived in the US with her lawyer, Dr. Fia Johnson, where she has provided her sample for DNA testing, after which it is hoped that the case will begin to unravel.

The lawyer says that if the DNA test confirms Julia’s claim, they will continue the investigation.

Background of the incident

16 years ago in May 2007, a British family vacationed in Portugal, where one night while the parents were at a nearby restaurant for dinner, their 3-year-old daughter, Madeleine McCann, went missing.

The girl was present with her younger brother at the resort where the family was staying.

The police found the door of the room broken, on which the girl’s abduction was suspected.

The family soon involved the local and British media in the case, after which the case gained international fame and people from all over the world started praying for the 3-year-old girl’s safety and safe return home.

Even a few well-known personalities, including British and Portuguese footballers David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, appealed to find the girl. British author JK Rowling also announced her contribution to a multi-million pound reward for the girl’s whistleblower.

However, all these efforts were in vain and the police of both the countries failed to trace the girl despite frantic efforts.

Meanwhile, the girl’s parents were also accused that the girl had died in an accident for which they had faked a disappearance to avoid responsibility.

The girl’s parents had to go through formal investigation stages, but a Portuguese court acquitted the parents and ordered the local police to pay them damages.

A woman living in the girl’s neighborhood in the UK was also ordered to pay damages, accused by some British newspapers of being involved with the parents in the girl’s death or disappearance.

10 years later in 2017, German and British police arrested a 43-year-old German national who was involved in the heinous crimes of kidnapping and raping children, according to the police, the disappearance of Madeleine is also connected to this man or his racket. .

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In February this year, a Polish woman named Julia Wendel came forward and claimed to be Madeleine McClain on social media, after which the case got new life.

Julia had also shared some evidence of her resemblance to the girl’s photo on social media, such as having a rare eye disease that makes the eye look different from normal people.

They say that they have been given her age as 21, whereas if she is the same missing girl, she should be 18, so they assume that her age is wrongly recorded while they have her. Birth certificate is also not available.

On the other hand, the family with whom Julia was staying, says that Julia took all her documents, including her birth certificate, with them while moving.

About the said family, Julia says that she has been hearing conflicting stories from them about her childhood.

Lawyer Fia Johnson says that all the documents Julia has received from the family are from after she was 5 years old, it seems she didn’t exist before she was 5 years old.

Threats began to be received

A few days ago, Dr. Fia Johansen said that Julia received threatening messages from a group of girls, who said they would offer a reward of 300,000 euros to whoever killed Julia.

The girls also reported Julia’s Instagram account created several times to search for her family, after which it was temporarily suspended.

The lawyer said that after reading the messages of the girls, Julia had an anxiety attack, she got scared and started crying badly.

According to the lawyer, Julia has been sexually abused many times and has been neglected by her original family, which is now more painful for her.

In a preliminary investigation in February, police in the Polish city of Wrocław dismissed the woman’s claim as false, but declined to say publicly why they did so.

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