French President Emmanuel Macron has summoned the political forces who intend to have their own parliamentary group for a round of talks that will take place at the Elysée Palace on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to presidential sources quoted by the French press.

"To the extent that there is no alternative majority, the question arises as to how to carry out the necessary transformations for the country."has raised the source, collected by the BFMTV chain.

The objective is "an exchange for the best interest of the Nation" Y "build solutions at the service of the French people".

"Guarantor of the institutions, the President of the Republic is determined to act in the interest of the French men and women who are the trustees of the mandate that the latter have granted him"has underlined the Elysee in this leaked communication.

The governability of France is in danger after the second round of the French legislative elections held on Sunday and in which the coalition related to Macron, Together!, has not achieved an absolute majority and therefore must agree with other formations to guarantee the parliamentary process of government initiatives.

After the elections, Together! (centre) has 246 of the total 577 seats in the National Assembly. The Republicans (right) have 64 seats and the National Group (extreme right), 89. The New Ecologist and Social Union (Nupes, left) led by La Francia Insumisa has won 146 seats.


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