Lula and Macron launch investment plan for sustainable economy in the Amazon region

The Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvaand its French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, They put a plan in motion this Tuesday what are you searching for raising more than $1 billion invest in projects sustainable economy in the Amazon region of Brazil and French Guiana.

He Advertising, what happens at the beginning of a state visit by Macron to Brazil, It is part of an international roadmap that both leaders will advance in the run-up to COP30 of the climate in the Amazon city of Belém in northern Brazil in 2025.

The plan aims to achieve this “Raise €1 billion in public and private investment over the next four years” ($1,080 million), according to the roadmap document published by the French presidency.

Both leaders are looking “to jointly defend a major global investment plan, public and private, in the bioeconomy within the framework of the Brazilian G20 presidency.”

This plan must combine “conservation and sustainable management of forests” with “economic enhancement”. The document states that they “place indigenous peoples and local communities at the center of decision-making.”

In addition, the roadmap proposes the development of a “Carbon market that rewards jungle countries that invest in restoring natural sinks,” Ecosystems that capture large amounts of carbon emissions.

“We will support indigenous peoples and local communities in the Amazon who play an essential role in protecting biodiversity through their traditional knowledge and forest management practices,” the document emphasizes.

Macron’s visit to Brazil

In a symbolic gesture of shared desire Macron began his visit in Belém, where he was received by Lula.

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After finding himself in this city, Both presidents boarded a small boat The trip took them to Combu Island, where they visited a cocoa production micro-enterprise to show that economic development and environmental protection can go hand in hand.

This Wednesday the French President will go to the Itaguaí naval base, near Rio de Janeiro and will later travel to Sao Paulo and Brasilia. AFP

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