Luis Enrique, to the assault of his third Cape Epic

Luis Enrique Martínez is already in South Africa to face his first great challenge since he was dismissed as Spanish soccer coach: the Absa Cape Epicconsidered the toughest Mountain Bike race in the world and for which ‘Lucho’ has been preparing since he returned from the World Cup in Qatar to face this demanding adventure in full condition.

It will be the third time that Luis Enrique faces the demanding tour of South Africa after participating and finishing the race in the 2013 editions, together with Juan Carlos Unzué; and in 2018, together with Tomás Latorre.

Luis Enrique, who had not published anything on his social networks since December 28, has returned to activity on his Instagram account to give more details of his next adventure in the Cape Epic, showing his packed bicycle heading to South Africa and a photo of several of the members of Team Unzuéamong whom will be his brother Felipe.

This Wednesday ‘Lucho’ published a video in which “Now, yes. After 100 days of training, already with the suitcases loaded, bikes in the corresponding cardboard boxes, and already looking forward to getting to Cape Town. Day -4, on Sunday we will start with the prologue and throughout this week I will inform you either on Instagram or via Twitter about what it means to do a Cape Epic. I’ll introduce you to the members of Team Unzué. three teams, You already know that in the Cape Epic you run in pairs and there are six of us. To represent with great desire and with great pride our friend Juan Carlos Unzué, ‘El Ruso’. Greetings to all. See you. Bye bye”.

Thus Luis Enrique faces this challenge by remembering the adventure he lived with Unzué in 2013 and sending this nice gesture to his friend, who is fighting ALS. The couples that will compete in the Unzué team will be made up of Carlos Benítez and Óscar Monteverde; Manolo Bueno and Felipe Martínez (‘Lucho’s’ brother); and Luis Enrique himself together with Tomás Latorre, repeating the duo that both formed in the 2018 edition.

A Luis Enrique who also wanted to share on his Twitter account an image of the MMR bicycle with which he will compete in the Cape Epic. “With this mount I will do the 3rd Cape Epic, so it is about enjoying to the maximum that the work must pay off, eh mister?”, with a mention of the trainer Chema Arguedaswhich has helped Luis Enrique prepare in recent months to face one of the most demanding cycling races in the world.

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