Luis Enrique appeared on the microphones of #Vamos in the preview of the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The national coach left a great headline: he confirmed that Abde has chosen to play for Spain and that it is on his mind as a possibility for the next call for the National Team.

Abde and Morocco: “If he is Spanish, anyone can come. Abde is an option. He has chosen to play for Spain and for us it is great news. What he has done so far is interesting.”


Super Cup: “It is a very attractive game. The tendency of the teams may be important, but I would not dare to predict favorites”

Moments: “Madrid’s trend is more positive. Barça is in a different situation, to recover positions.”

Asensio y Carvajal and the National Team: “Everyone needs continuity to be in the National Team. The more players can play, the better. We will be attentive.”


The selectable of the Barça: “Ferran is a new signing, I know him perfectly. He is interesting.”

Ferran: “In the National Team he can give us overflow, a goal, the possibility of joining in different positions.”

Good feelings for Qatar: “If we continue in this progression, it looks good. But it is difficult, we know it. I am really looking forward to seeing all the players.”


Modric: “He is unique, top. His performance and attitude, on and off the pitch. Unfortunately for us he is Croatian (laughs)”.

Juan Carlos Unzue: “One of his characteristics is that he encourages us. He is a special person, he always adds. There is no better example than how he is dealing with the disease. I am proud to be his friend.”