Lord & Taylor launches its Retail Media network with InMobi Commerce

A year and a half after relaunching as a digital-only retailer, lord & taylor has announced the launch of its retail media network. Developed in partnership with InMobi, the new platform joins a growing list of networks of retail media designed to help product discovery for customers and offer additional monetization solutions for retailers. Brands and agencies will now have access to a Retail Media platform to reach Lord & Taylor clients through sponsored product ads and shoppable video ads.

«lord & taylor has been a trusted retailer for nearly 200 years, providing affordable luxury to our community through a highly curated selection of brands. Over the past year, our focus has expanded to reimagine and reinvigorate the digital shopping experience for our customers.”has indicated in a statement Mark Stocker, Chairman of Lord & Taylor and New York and Company.

“the platform of retail media of InMobi Commerce plays an integral role in our efforts to digitize our brand and create an elevated and engaging online shopping experience by helping customers discover new products and brands while unlocking additional eCommerce revenue”has added by his side Sebastien Lesage, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Lord & Taylor.

Regarding the operation of the platform, Abhay Singhal, CEO of InMobi Adshas explained that «InMobi Commerce helps brands influence purchasing decisions and capture the attention of high-intent shoppers in-market to build trust and connection with shoppers”. “With our AI-powered platform, advertisers don’t have to do the heavy lifting of testing individual keywords and running campaigns manually; This solution allows them to select the budget, the ROAS objectives, the duration of the campaign and let it run. With enhanced reporting and closed-loop attribution, advertisers can see the real-time impact of their campaigns to drive brand awareness and sales»he has pointed out.

With the launch, the retailer aims to create “exciting” digital experiences for customers. «lord & taylor is being revolutionized from the inside out to transform modern shopping into an effortless, elevated experience that inspires customers throughout their digital shopping journey.”they have assured. For its part, the platform InMobi Commerce will power Lord & Taylor’s Retail Media network, including sponsored product ads and video ads.

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