Home Sports Lionesses and Lions, for ninth place in Toulouse

Lionesses and Lions, for ninth place in Toulouse

Lionesses and Lions, for ninth place in Toulouse

The senior National Teams of Sevens will play for the ninth position in Toulouse, the last stop of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series for them and penultimate for them. Las Leonas 7s have added their first win against Poland after closing the group stage in last position and Los Leonas 7s have counted their games for victories and maintain their pulse with Uruguay for eleventh place.

A defeat and a great victory for Las Leonas7sThe players of Ignacio Martín opened, as on the first day, the second day of competition in Toulouse 7s. After reaping defeats against Great Britain and Fiji, Las Leonas 7s sought to reverse sensations and compete one on one against Japan.

In the first minutes Spain maintained possession, however, the Japanese materialized each Spanish defensive error with points. The only test of the Selection was the work of Ingrid Algar, after a great individual play. The final result, 5-33, confirmed Las Leonas 7s in the fight for ninth place.

With seven trials against Poland, Spain cleared up all the doubts generated during the group stage. Ingrid Algar, with three marks, and María Calvo, with two, They stood out on the offensive level where Anne Fernández de Corres and Silvia Morales rehearsed on their return to the World Series and closed the scoring in the final 41-7 and certified their pass to the final for ninth place. With the good sensations of the offensive festival against the European champions, Las Leonas7s will play tomorrow at 10:50, Spanish peninsular time, against Canada for finishing in ninth position in Toulouse.

The lions are still alive

Two great victories confirm the great form of Los Leones7s. The last match of the group stage for Paco Hernández’s men closed with their first victory. After coming close to winning against one of the powers of the circuit, Argentina, the lions 7s They faced the second day of competition psyched up to keep the game seen on day 1.

Uruguay’s defeat against New Zealand forced Los Leones to beat Germany to avoid Fiji in the next phase and continue in the fight with Los Teros for eleventh place. Undisputed victory for Los Leones 7s, who dominated from start to finish. The rehearsals were the work of Manu Moreno, with three, Jaime Manteca and Jaime Mata.

The solidity that Spain showed against Germany was seen again in their second game of the day. The United States, eighth in the circuit, could do nothing against the offensive gale of Paco Hernández’s men who made sure they advanced to the semifinals for ninth position with a resounding 42-14. Pol Pla, with three rehearsals, stood out with his individual performance and the rest of the marks were achieved by Josep Serres, Alejandro Laforga and Tobías Sainz-Trápaga.

Los Leones7s, one point behind Uruguay overall, continue to battle to top Los Teros in this tournament and move up to 11th overall to secure next year’s World Rugby Sevens Series. Spain, tomorrow will play in the semifinals against Samoa at 12:04, Spanish peninsular time, while the Uruguayan team will play immediately after against the Olympic champions, Fiji.

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