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Liga Los Macos ACD inaugurates its XXVIII softball tournament in honor of Bienvenido Rojas

Liga Los Macos ACD inaugurates its XXVIII softball tournament in honor of Bienvenido Rojas

The Los Macos Softball League of the Association of Sports Writers of Santo Domingo (ACDSD) inaugurated this Saturday the 28th version of its internal tournament with the participation of the Sapos (Blue), Ranas (Red) and Pempens (Green) teams, in the stadium in the El Almirante sector of Santo Domingo Este.

This year’s sports event has a special dedication to the veteran sports writer Bienvenido Rojas, former sports editor of the Diario Libre newspaper, for being a founding member of the Los Macos ACD League, which took place on April 22, 1994.

Rojas, could not be present at the opening ceremony for health reasons. He was represented by sportswriter Dimaggio Abreu and received a plaque of recognition in his name for the dedication of the 2023 softball tournament.

The delivery was made by Odalis Sánchez, in his capacity as president of the Los Macos ACD League, and Américo Celado, president of the Santo Domingo Sports Writers Association (ACDSD), who is the only founding member still active in the league.

Sánchez and Celado were accompanied by the directors of the Los Macos ACD League, Eduardo Smith and Porfirio Díaz, secretary and treasurer respectively. As well as the acedeístas Juan Mercado and Diego Marte, and the ex-professional boxer Freddy -El Italo- Cruz.

Also recognized with the Medal of Merit were the founding members of the Los Macos ACD League, Félix García Estrella and Paulino Pérez, who made an appearance at the softball stadium in El Almirante, in Santo Domingo Este.

There were also Merit Medals for two other founders such as Félix Radhamés Díaz and Alipio Mota Nina, who for health reasons could not be present.

Rojas, from his home and in his convalescence after undergoing surgery last Thursday, sent via WhatsApp an audio with a message in which he thanked the ACDSD and its president Américo Celado for the dedication of the Los Macos ACD League softball tournament, to the one who attended from the first day of the convocation of that Saturday, April 22, 1994.

“Bienvo”, served as a pitcher and has very fond memories of all those Saturday days in which sportswriters met to share in a healthy sports and recreational recreation, of chercha, ropes and journalistic camaraderie.

shift division

In the celebration of the matches there was a division of honors between the Sapos (Blues), Ranas (Reds) and Pempens (Greens), teams that won and lost one match each.

Los Sapos defeated Los Pempen 12-6, with a win for Martín Castro and a setback for Víctor Santos. On offense Michael Nolasco and Luis Rodríguez double and single, three trailers each, and for the fallen, Esteban Castillo, Pedro Santana and Bill Fuentes a home run.

In the second match, the Frogs knocked out the Toads, 22-11, with a win for Kennedy Cáceres and a loss for Sammy Ramos. On offense, Vladimir Cuevas stood out with two home runs, scored three and drove in four, and Manuel Castillo, Adolfo Prats, Plinio López, Zoilo González and Richard Sánchez, and Américo Celado homered a double.

For the losers, Eduardo Smith and Arturo Pascual homered with two runs scored and three RBIs each, and John Castillo hit a tubey.

In the third game, the Pempen defeated the Frogs, 11-7, with fence breakers for Junior de los Santos, Pedro Santana, Bill Fuentes and Francisco Arache with two RBIs.

For the defeated, Adolfo Prats and Gerardo Tatis took it out, Vicente Ramírez hit a triple and Américo Celado a double merit hit.

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