Argentinos and Tigre will star this Sunday in a duel as attractive as it is unexpected in search of the final of the Professional League Cup. From 4:00 p.m., at the Huracán stadium and with ESPN television, the team led by Gabriel Milito and Diego Martínez will face a clash of similar styles, with a ticket to the final as a prize.

The two teams reached this instance in a similar way, circumventing the logic that took them as a point in their respective quarterfinal duels. Tigre, who became champion of the National B at the end of last year, surprised one of the top candidates on Wednesday, as he beat River 2-1 at the Monumental. With personality to withstand the pressure of a big stage, with passages of very good play in the first half and with the overalls to resist the rival attack in the last stretch of the match, the Victoria team made an impact that was in the plans of Very few.

Meanwhile, Argentinos also hit hard by beating Estudiantes on penalties in La Plata, who had won their zone convincingly. Milito’s team also showed a lot of mettle to withstand an adverse scenario. Before a stadium full of rival fans, losing 1-0 and with one man less, he reached the tie to force penalties, where goalkeeper Federico Lanzillota became a hero

The two got their ticket for the final instances on the last date, with a lot of anxiety. Tigre, who lost his last two games of the regular phase, took advantage of a crash by Huracán on the last day to finish third in his zone. More pressing was Argentinos who secured their place with seven minutes to go, with a goal by Kevin MacAllister against Unión.

Both were perfect in the role of point guard in the quarterfinals, but now they must assume a new position, since the chances are spread and both are facing a historic opportunity to access a final.

In Tigre, DT Diego Martínez is in a position to repeat the team that started in Núñez against River, although he also tried a variant, which would be the entry of Ijiel Protti for Alexis Castro, with which Facundo Colidio, author of the winning goal against River, would go down to the middle of the court.

On the Argentinian side there will be two obligatory variants with the absences of Miguel Torrén, with five yellow cards, and Matías Galarza, expelled on Wednesday. Marco Di Césare would enter the defender, while Nicolás Reniero would enter the offensive midfielder.


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