Vaccination against the coronavirus of children aged five to eleven began on Monday evening in Israel, becoming one of the first countries, after the United States, to lower the age of access to the vaccine to curb the epidemic.

The Israeli government had planned to launch the vaccination campaign on Tuesday in the hope of preventing a possible fifth wave of contamination, but as of Monday evening doses were administered to the little ones, a team found in a clinic in Tel. -Aviv.

“Not an easy decision to take”

“My husband and I are really very excited to be present at the opening of the vaccination for 5-11 year olds,” said Katy Bar Shalom, a 47-year-old mother, as health workers administered doses of Pfizer vaccines for children who are sometimes fearful of the needles.

“We know that we have to go through the vaccine to allow a return to normalcy,” added Katy Bar Shalom, saying she wants to avoid new quarantines and minimize the risk of contagion at school, which has been the focus of many cases in recent days in Israel, a country however that has emerged from its fourth wave of contamination. “It is normal to hesitate (to have your child vaccinated), it is not an easy decision to take (….) But after having consulted the data and read information on the millions of children vaccinated in the United States. United, we made the decision to have our children vaccinated, ”said Heli Nave, another mother, in the same clinic.

More than 80% of the vaccinated population

The Hebrew state was one of the first countries to launch, in December 2020, a vast vaccination campaign thanks to an agreement with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer which gave it rapid access to millions of paid doses in large-scale vaccine effect data exchange. This campaign resulted in the double vaccination of more than 5.7 million of the approximately nine million Israelis, or more than 80% of adults.

The authorities subsequently launched a campaign for the administration of a booster dose, already granted to more than four million people, and lowered the age of access to the vaccine to 12 years, before giving the green light. vaccination from the age of 5 in the wake of clinical trials by Pfizer, a campaign in this direction in the United States and recommendations of Israeli scientists. To launch this new campaign, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett must have his youngest son vaccinated Tuesday morning at a clinic in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, his services announced.


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