Launch of China-Europe freight train service

According to media reports, China has launched a freight train service from its autonomous region of Mongolia to the Russian capital Moscow.

A freight train loaded with more than 2,000 tonnes of auto parts, agricultural products and ancillary products left Ordos for Moscow on Friday morning, marking the launch of the China-Europe freight train service. On this loaded route, the first train will travel from the north to Moscow, passing through the border port of Erin Hott and Mongolia.

According to media reports, the freight train will arrive in Moscow in 15 days, which will save about 25 days in transportation time compared to shipping by sea.

Previously, China had also launched its freight train service to the UK. The freight train arrives in London after traveling 12,000 km in 18 days. The special freight train travels through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and enters the UK through Poland, Germany, Belgium and France.

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