Pablo Laso, coach of Real Madrid who will play his seventh Final Four of the Euroleague, was clear in stating that he understood that “a month ago nobody believed in the team”, to then assure that “the victory against Maccabi” gave them “confidence”. “I see the team well. We have got Rudy back and everyone is fine. Illusion is an individual matter, but everyone knows how much work it takes to get hereLaso said in a telematic press conference.

The defense, in the games against Barcelona especially, has had updates throughout the season. “It is necessary to make adjustments throughout the season. I keep saying that Barcelona is a great team and that Calathes controls and generates a lot of play in a team that has a lot of points in its hands.“, he explained.

Asked about the pace of play that could benefit Real Madrid the most in Belgrade, the coach did not end up opting. “I don’t know what rhythm suits us bestto be honest. When you face a great team you have to adapt to the circumstancesTherefore, I think we are prepared for any situation”, he observed.

A month ago Real Madrid was immersed in a bad run of play and results and no one gave a hard for him in the Final Four. “I understand that a month ago no one believed in us. I did believe. I don’t think we were that bad, but also it is true that in the last month we have competed very well and that the playoff against Maccabi gave us confidenceLasso remarked.

Four years ago Madrid won their tenth European Cup title in Belgrade. “Yes, but half of the players are gone. It is not Luka (Doncic), Facu (Campazzo), Felipe (Reyes), Ayón (Gustavo). Others remain. The team has had to go looking for solutions to find its best version. I see the competitive team”, he declared. “Four years ago we played the semi-finals with CSKA and the final with Fenerbahçe. We weren’t the big favourites, but Fabien Causeur played amazing. Everyone has to contribute a player with three or four minutes on court can be key“, he added.

The desire for victory of the team is not greater for facing Barcelona. “Hunger is always the same. If we didn’t play against Barcelona we would be just as hungry“, he sentenced.

Experience and illusion will be fundamental. “It seems that I am the most experienced coach in Final Four of which we are. I hope it tells a lot. I also have players with a lot of experience and others for whom it will be their first presence. Experience and enthusiasm must be combined to give the best of each one on the track”, he pointed out.

Rudy Fernández has joined the team after the death of his father. “It’s been a tough few days for him and his family. He has trained well and I know that despite the screwed-up family situation, he will be able to help us. My only but is that he has not been able to play the last two games against Murcia and Gran Canaria”, concluded Pablo Laso.


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