Home Sports La Vega exalted ten of his children to sports immortality

La Vega exalted ten of his children to sports immortality

La Vega exaltó diez de sus hijos a la inmortalidad deportiva

La Vega exalted ten (10) of his children to Sports immortality.

In an emotional act full of tears and applause, the Olympic city exalted the ten (10) members of the 2022 class to sporting immortality in an Exaltation Ceremonial organized by the Standing Committee of the Vegan Athlete Temple of Fame and which was specially dedication to Ing. Kelvin Cruz.

Act in which ten renowned athletes received the honors and badges that support their status as immortals of the sport of this province.

The Permanent Committee of the Temple of Fame of the Vegan Athlete, represented by Luis Elpidio Cumba, Rubén de Lara, Rafaeel Hernández and Porfirio Veras, presented the honors with which they immortalize Fernando Teruel, in Basketball; Luis López and Leonardo Grullón García (Tigua) (deceased), both in cycling and María García Cáceres, in Judo.

In addition, Daniel Alonzo Cepeda, Radhamés Brea and Eulogio Cruz Beato were exalted, in Athletics; as well as José Miguel Robiou (Chemy), in Archery; Ramón Salcedo (La Tabla), deceased, in soccer; and Antonio Anyelo Sosa, in Handball.

The solemn act began with the installation of the permanent committee of the Vegan Temple, the active athletes and the honorary president Prof. Rafael Hernández, followed by the National Anthem and the Temple by the Municipal Band of Musicians.

The Blessing of the act was made by Father Sergio de la Cruz, Rector of the Catholic University of Cibao, the exaltation, welcome to new immortals by the immortal Pompy Domínguez, the message of the press by the vegan sports writer Carlos Restituyo and the presentation of the honorary president of the 2023 ceremony, the vegan jurist and former member of the JCE, Dr. Rosario Graciano de los Santos


The event was dedicated to Mayor Kevin Cruz for being the one who has provided the constant support that has allowed the Temple to function during the last five (5) years.

When he went up to receive the award, Kelvin was accompanied by his assistant Kelvin Cruz Junior, which caused Mayor Vegano a special emotion when he was surprised that his assistant was his son.

In thanking the dedication of the great event, Kelvin Cruz highlighted the work of the members of the temple in recognizing the sports and moral values ​​of vegan athletes and also highlighted the historical cultural and sports tradition of the men and women of La Vega, at the same time which reaffirmed its commitment to support all sporting activities in that city.

If great were the emotions, applause and tears at the moment that each athlete was called and immortalized, greater were the emotions when they took the floor to thank. Some couldn’t even speak as attendees applauded them.

They all thanked their families, coaches, chroniclers and promoters for their support so that they could practice sports and become immortal. Everyone exclaimed that if they were to be born again they would like to do it again in La Vega. Luis López, Chemy Robiou and Fernando Teruel expressed words that brought tears and applause and revived historical moments of vegan sport

In the ceremony, which was held to a full house in the Temple of Fame of the Vegan Athlete, in addition to Mayor Cruz, national and local authorities participated, such as Dr. Fausto López Solís, director of IDOPPIL, Franklin de la Mota, Vice Minister of Sports, Dionisio Guzmán, president of the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame, Luis Esmurdoc, of the Northeast Hall of Fame, the governor of La Vega, Luisa Jiménez de la Mota;

Also present were deputy Angelito Estévez, Gilberto García, general secretary of the COD, former Minister of Sports Felipe – Jay-Payano, Gerardo Suero Correo, president of the Athletics Federation, Juan Núñez, president of the Dominican Baseball Federation; Guillermo Saleta, president of the Santiago Athlete’s Temple of Fame; former senator Euclides Sánchez and former mayor Fausto Ruiz.

Likewise, the presidents of Sports Unions of Santiago, SFM, Moca, the entire vegan sports leadership and hundreds of immortal detritus from La Vega and the country.

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