Home Entertainment La González performs to a full house in Madrid

La González performs to a full house in Madrid

La González performs to a full house in Madrid

After a successful presentation in her native Dominican Republic, the humorist and influencer Yamilet Gonzalez He brought his new show, “El Show de La González Special Edition”, to Madrid, performing to a full house in the metropolitan area of ​​that city.

Under the production of SeaBlueRecords and the artistic direction of Ismael Almonte, La González had for the first time on this stage her more than 10 characters on stage such as Javiei, Maidalena, Gladys, La Turula, Brígida Brigette, Ana Getrutis, Tere, Dra Per o Ne, among others, in addition to the special participation of the model and television presenter Liz Emiliano, the Tiktoker Jonathan Soriano and the model, actress and former Miss Dominican Republic Universe Yaritza Reyes.

“I have that special romance with Madrid, my second home, the city that adopted me 16 years ago… I am very proud because we got it again, a different concept of humor… show, comedy, drama, emotional psychology, they are different characters with stories that reflect a social reality. Thank you for so much support; I feel satisfied and proud with what we have achieved”, highlighted the comedian.

La González presented her routines that included a dance group, moments with the guests, interaction with the public and the inclusion of each of the characters that she has popularized in these 10 years, each with their own identity and history.

It should be noted that “El Show de La González Special Edition” addresses different topics ranging from anecdotes of parents and children, couple relationships, typical conversations in spaces such as beauty salons, mental health, among others. The comedian demonstrated her skills on stage spanning different genres and original songs created for the show, and she left important messages with her audience around current issues.

It is preparing to take the show to other stages, including the United States.

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