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The nostalgia is intact 20 years later

What you need to know:

20 years after their last visit, Blink-182 returned to the CDMX Sports Palace to evoke nostalgia. Here is the review.

Do you remember 2004? Let’s refresh our memory a little… This year, around May, Keane published his acclaimed work Hopes and fears. Shortly before, exactly in April, Blink-182 played in Mexico City for the first timethis event in the Sports Palace.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago, but it’s been 20 years.. And what a coincidence: In 2024, Tom Chaplin’s band came to the Copper Dome to celebrate two decades since their debut album. A day later it was the turn of the Californian pop-punk trio Sign their return to the Mexican capital with everything and a classic cast.

Have a lovely week full of musical nostalgia. But in the case of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, After the termination a year ago, the debts had to be paid off. Of course the Mexa fans aren’t mean at all…

Even before the first concert in Mexico City They were already waiting outside their hotel for Blink-182 to bring them mariachi and that’s where she was found on the street for the classic souvenir photo.

You don’t have to be very focused to recognize the emotions that the band’s return triggers. It’s easy to spot on social networks… However, it is located on the edge of the Palacio de los Deportes, exactly on the day of the concert, where you can find the fans who keep the most important anecdotes to themselves.

“My mother didn’t like the group, but when I joined the Air Force she listened to Blink because she missed me. That’s why I got the band tattoo on the day of his death…this is the story of a fan we spoke to before the concert on April 2nd.

And just like that, there are certainly a lot of them Stories the public wanted to honor through Blink-182 and these songs that can take you back more than 20 years…

Come to a concert and be greeted with “The Rock Show.” like one of the first songs, a strange detail from Blink-182 in a presentation that became lively and somehow strange at the same time.

Tom DeLonge had already suffered heat stroke in Paraguay. And now at the Palacio de los Deportes, Mark Hoppus was the one presenting A sore throat that made it difficult for him to sing.

“Mark is losing his voice, so they have to help him.”Tom said. “I’m very sick and the doctor said I couldn’t sing tonight.”Mark added to the anecdote, never with the intention of quitting, but quite the opposite… “You’re a fucking superhero.”Tom said to Mark as he continued to sing the parts of his songs despite his discomfort.

Blink 182 Sports Palace
Tom DeLonge. Photo: David Barajas.

The band had already used songs like “Anthem Part II”, “Feeling This” and “Respectless”. “Family reunion,” which has taken on a different meaning with the return of the band’s classic line-up.

The truth is that until recently, many of us didn’t think this was even remotely possible. But as Tom DeLonge said sometime last night: “This is fucking awesome.”.

Photo: David Barajas.

Humor and memories in the “Emo Hour”

There was a good atmosphere in the sports palace. Between songs like “Dumpweed” and “Edging”“, the band – especially Tom DeLonge – threw in some jokes with a lot of “American Pie humor” (you know, sexual innuendos and the like) to create even more nostalgia for the era.

To give you an idea, Tom asked someone from his team to help him translate. “Tom says that sometimes when he has sex with them (Mark and Travis) he’s not really sure. But they always tell him he’s doing a good job.said his translator.

Pretty random, right? But it’s part of the show. They had already done something similar in Monterrey a few days ago when they referred to the idea of ​​royals having relationships between family members… and well, that’s the disrespect of Blink-182.

Photo: David Barajas.

But this show isn’t all humor and caustic comments like that. “The sad hour has come. It’s emo time and I hope you sing with me.Mark said just before shooting. “Stay together for the children”.

From the bunch of hits in the Blink-182 catalogthis one seems to be the most underrated. But in the Palacio de los Deportes this perspective changes with the powerful choir that the audience sang as the bell rang. “So here are your holidaysaaaaays”...

Ultimately, it’s a song that may touch an entire generation grew up surrounded by divorce and separated families. These days, such details may not hurt as much as they did in childhood, but for some it certainly brings back memories of how we overcame them and how those adversities shaped us in life.

Blink-182 also has the ability to entertain beyond the songs, and that was demonstrated between “Dance with Me” and “Aliens Exist.” featuring Mark Hoppus with Travis Barker for a short drum solo. We already know what the latter has to do with the battery…

But what about Mark? The bass player was completely honest and said that “I don’t know how to do it, but I’m going to do a bass solo.”. But it wasn’t a solo, eh… Hoppus excited us more by playing a little piece “Carousel” that remained just that. It would have been nice if they had played it at the Palacio de los Deportes.

Here you notice how much A band like Blink-182 marks people in different ways.. At the Palacio de los Deportes there is no shortage of people in the stands strumming their invisible guitars, nor of people imagining what it would be like to play to the rhythm of Travis Barker.

Travis Barker. Photo: David Barajas.

There will certainly be many amateur musicians who were inspired by the Californian band to learn an instrument. Or when we looked around we could see people there Other countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica proudly fly the flag their countries.

Traveling outside of their country to see Blink’s return says a lot about what being able to see the band means to some fans. Furthermore, we do not know if this will happen in the future There will be another chance to see Tom, Mark and Travis together.

It was a little strange that they played just a verse and chorus of “Adam’s Song” and that they also completed the encore without “Dammit.”. It was no longer our turn; Let’s see what happens to those who go to the Sports Palace on the following dates.

But no matter how bittersweet the setlist may be in this sense, the truth is that the concert was quite fun. You can imagine what happened when they touched such songs “I miss you”, “All the little things” or “First date”.

Or how about “What’s My Age Again?”…we’re not 23 years old anymore, as the song says, but this song invites too much nostalgia for those years, reflection on how we’ve changed and that we in spite of everything, Blink-182 is a band that fills you with emotions beyond the tainted stigma of “Chavorruco.”

Since we are not so young anymore, it is of course also thankful that the concert ended earlier. May good Mark recover and let’s see what the next dates bring us the band at the Palacio de los Deportes.

Anthem Part Two
The rock show
family meeting
The feeling
Up all night
Blow job
Aliens exist
Happy holidays, you bastard
Damn face
Stay together for the children
Bored to death
I miss you
Adam’s song
How old am I again?
First date
All the little things

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