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Kuwait’s Important Decision, Deportation and Punishment Announcement

According to Kuwaiti media, Interior Minister Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali has announced that those staying illegally will no longer be given any respite to leave the country or correct their situation.

He said that the stay of foreigners who cannot leave the country due to conditions and flight closures in the Corona epidemic will not be extended.

Violators of the residency law who did not apply for a status amendment or chose not to leave the country within the stipulated period will face penalties and fines.

These people will not be granted a residence permit and will not be allowed to re-enter the country, but will instead be deported.

The Ministry of Health has also decided to prohibit the unnecessary stay of patients in hospitals.

The decision was agreed upon by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior, with the aim of reducing the additional burden on the health department of unnecessary hospitalizations.

There were some cases in the country in which patients were present for a long time for various reasons, were discharged from hospitals but were present in hospitals for various reasons.

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