Home World Kuwait: The big scam of visas and residences came to light

Kuwait: The big scam of visas and residences came to light

Kuwait: The big scam of visas and residences came to light

Kuwait City: A major visa and residence scam has come to light in Kuwait.

According to Al-Jareedah daily, the security committee established by Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister and Acting Defense Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid Al-Sabah detected manipulations in the field of residence affairs during the past period.

Which includes the fake record of four hundred people of Al Jahra Residency Department.

Officials clarified that a committee comprising senior officers had unearthed cases of embezzlement and transactions of stamps of the ministry which were computerized but the administration had no record of them.

The committee also revealed the presence of a female employee of Jahra Residence Department who had residence permits of seven men registered in her name despite not having a house.

Similarly, another female employee has five drivers registered in her name, although she is married to a citizen and is not allowed to issue a work visa in her name.

The committee found that a Gulf national had registered seven Bangladeshi migrants in his name, and had not deposited their fees.

In addition, the committee concluded that visas for immigrants of various nationalities were extended as well as commercial visas.

Sources confirmed that the committee submitted its report to the First Deputy Prime Minister to hand over twenty employees, including officers of various ranks, to the investigating authorities at the Jahra Residency Department after documenting all the illegally completed transactions. .

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