Kuwait: Strict decision on companies not paying salaries on time

KUWAIT CITY: Strict decisions have been taken regarding companies that do not pay salaries on time in Kuwait.

According to the details Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower announced the automatic suspension of registration of companies that do not pay salaries on time.

Companies that fail to remit their workers’ salaries on time will have their files automatically suspended.

According to the statement of the department, if the salaries are not transferred within seven days after the due date, the companies will face suspension, the employees of the suspended companies may be renewed or transferred to another employer.

According to the department, in this case, the employee will not be found guilty of violating the resident law.

The suspension is a punitive measure for failure to fulfill its obligations towards workers, so the offending employer will not be allowed to re-hire or issue new work permits after suspension.

The authority said on Thursday that the decision to automatically suspend the files of companies was taken from March 19, 2020 during the Corona crisis, to address the negative impact of the pandemic on business owners and workers.

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