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Kuwait: Important Instructions for Citizens and Foreigners

According to the details, Kuwait traffic officials have warned citizens and foreigners to pay traffic fines before traveling, otherwise no travel will be allowed.

The Interior Ministry had suggested that when traffic fines were not paid, foreigners should be prohibited from traveling abroad and that the Interior Ministry should suspend all services to Kuwaitis and foreigners. You also want to get in touch for, unless they make payments.

It should be noted that this type of service already exists in many Gulf countries. The Traffic Department is considering submitting this proposal to the Minister of the Interior, Sheikh Thamer Ali, in order to collect traffic fines from Kuwaiti nationals and foreigners. It is estimated in millions of dinars.

According to sources, a large number of citizens who violate traffic regulations in Kuwait are imprisoned or have died, while a large number of foreigners have left the country permanently.

There is also a proposal to establish special offices in land, sea and air ports to pick up migrants and prevent them from leaving the country without paying traffic fines.

A proposal is also being considered to send a text message by phone to traffic violators, which will explain what the violation is and how much the fine has been imposed.

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