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Kuss: “Roglic is in perfect condition”

Kuss: "Roglic is in perfect condition"

Sepp Kuss It is that guardian angel that anyone would like to have under their command. well you know Cousin Roglic, that perhaps in Rome he has a lot to thank an American who has shown himself to be exalted at decisive moments. You avoided losing a minute to the Slovenian in Monte Bondone and today, in the 18th stage, he paved the way to defeat his rivals, with the exception of Geraint Thomas.

The man from Durango, irregular but with that aura of genius in the third weeks of the grand tours, made clear the good feelings Roglic had in Val di Zoldo: “Climbing the Coi is perfect for Primoz. We can be satisfied with the time cut he has achieved today. On days like this, you can’t compete with the best if you’re not at 100%. Fortunately, Primoz is in excellent condition. Now we look forward to tomorrow’s queen stage, where as a team we can put something together for the last time in this Giro. The time trial on Saturday will be melee”.

For his part, Joao Almeida, As defeated of the day by those 21 seconds of loss compared to Roglic and Thomas that relegate him to third place overall, he consoled himself with having given everything: “It was very difficult from the beginning. I did my best and I’m happy with it, I couldn’t do better. Today was difficult and tomorrow should be even more difficult. My goal is to keep up with my rivals and fight until the end. They were stronger than me today. It’s not ideal, but at the end of the day I’m pretty happy. We are close to Rome, but There’s still a long way to go.” Less than 48 hours to know the name of the 2023 Giro champion.

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