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Kun Agüero’s dream: to dollarize and "the weight to take up the ass"

Kun Agüero's dream: to dollarize and "the weight to take up the ass"

From time to time Kun Agüero loses his hair. It can with everything. He deserves it. He suffers from the strange syndrome of “horror vacui“: where the brain perceives an absence, it places a prosthesis. Fills in the gaps with imagined realities. If emotional orthotics were as visible as physical ones, we would be hiding them all the time. El Kun is an expert in making emotional prostheses. “I don’t I see it by weight. You have to dollarize, and take the peso up the ass,” he said in new statements.

The economist apprentice appropriated a very pure, very Spanish expression, to send our currency, simply and simply, to hell. What has been said, for Kun weight is an “absence”, and he already needs a prosthesis. His libertarian drive places him in full symbiosis with the goalkeeper Milei, that football duo of new and old neoliberal economists. This last “funny” puts Kun squarely in Modernity. It is something to which he has accustomed us.

Exactly one year ago, he also advised us to dollarize the Argentine financial system. Something highly applauded by sectors of the establishment. “The Agüero thing is exemplary. He is a kid who comes from below, he was born in a very humble neighborhood but he went out into the world and knows what happens. Even the humblest sectors of the country are realizing it. The Kun thing is important, for that begins to lead the way”, declared Leandro Marcarian. One wonders to which path and to which world Marcarian refers. Certainly not this one. Very few countries have dollarized financial systems. Another, one more, with dreams of emotional prostheses.

A few months ago the Kun dropped another pearl. “Do they know what heritage is,” he asked on his Twitch channel. “It’s all you have in the world. There are countries that charge you annually for having money in your account. I don’t see it. I’m not convinced that you pay an annual percentage of the assets that you have.” Once again, Agüero “doesn’t see it.” And when he doesn’t see it, he goes wild. The former Argentine player was referring to the wealth tax that had been so beaten since the conservative revolution of the 1980s. For these expressions he received warm support from Ricardo López Murphy: “What Agüero says is impeccable. The state must stop plundering taxpayers Tax included”.

What the former finance minister really meant was that the state must stop taxing the wildly rich taxpayers. He stopped saying – old fox – that most taxpayers don’t make the cut, therefore they don’t pay wealth tax. Something that does not coincide with the report presented by Oxfam Intermon in Davos, entitled: “Inequalities kill”, where it concluded that the wealth tax was at testimonial levels, if not zero, compared to the 90% of the government’s wealth tax pressure Franklin D. Roosevelt’s American or Great Britain prior to the arrival of Margaret Thatcher. With the phrase “inequality kills” the Swedish sociologist Goran Therbor began his most famous book: “The death camps of inequality”. According to his report, during the pandemic, the 10 richest men in the world doubled their personal fortune, from 700,000 to 1.5 trillion dollars. At a rate of 1.3 billion a day.

What kun Agüero should know (but let López Murphy explain it to him, who knows a lot about this), that the old liberalism has long since mutated into “neo” and abandoned its scant part of humanity. That the rich are getting richer, and paying less and less taxes. A man from the village like the kun has to know. Although today the town is far away. As far as the low taxes he pays extreme wealth without taming.

Former player of Vélez, clubs in Spain, and Tokyo 79 World Champion.

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