Penang Yang: As the shadow of the Krona epidemic deepens in North Korea, leader Kim Jong Un has deployed troops to control the situation.

According to foreign media reports, the number of coronavirus cases in North Korea has reached 392,000 while 8 people have been killed. Orders have been issued to the army for proper distribution.

Just last week, North Korea confirmed that for the first time since the onset of the epidemic in the world, a corona case had been reported in the country.

At a meeting convened on the situation in Corona, Kim Jong Un criticized the response of health officials to the epidemic, calling it extremely irresponsible. Kim Jong Un also criticized the authorities for not keeping medical stores open for 24 hours. Targeted.

On the other hand, North Korea’s neighbor South Korea has offered to help in the spread of the virus.

The South Korean president said Corona’s medical aid could be provided if the neighboring country agreed.