Koke: “Miguel Ángel’s statement was a correct decision”

The Atlético captain spoke about the statement issued last Friday by the rojiblanco CEO, Miguel Ángel Gil, after Soto Grado’s arbitration in the Copa del Rey quarter-final derby that ended with the elimination of the rojiblancos, in the VII Gala of the Annual Awards of the Sports Press Association of Madrid (APDM) that recognized him with an award.

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Koke’s words

What do you think of Gil Marín’s statement?

He said what many people thought, especially the Atlético fans, they think the same as Miguel Ángel and he expressed himself. By supporting the club in the decisions it makes, I think it was the right decision.

Do the referees benefit Madrid?

I don’t know. It depends on how each one wants to see it. In this case, Miguel expressed himself in this way and we support him.

What did you think of the banner and the hanging doll of Vinicius?

The same thing that the club did. It is not permitted. There is a lot of rivalry, but it doesn’t have to go that far. In sports, yes, but it has to stay on the field. We support the statement issued by the club.

Should any action be taken?

We will see. The club will take action with what happened.

What about Vinicius?

I don’t know. I just the other day played on the other side.

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