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Kamal’s promise to send back 1 crore refugees

Kamal's promise to send back 1 crore refugees

Turkey’s opposition presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu has promised that 10 million refugees will be sent back to their respective countries if they win the second round of elections on May 28 after fierce competition in the first round.

He has taken a hard-line anti-immigrant tone to win the country’s nationalist votes and defeat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The leader of Turkey’s secular Republican People’s Party (CHP) is running against Erdogan as one of six political parties in the country’s elections. The opposition candidate made the pledge on Wednesday after accusing the ruling government of allowing one crore ‘irregular’ migrants to enter the country.

The country’s opposition presidential candidate also said on Thursday that Erdogan had not guaranteed Turkey’s border security. He did not even show respect for the border.

Referring to Erdoğan, Kamal said, ‘You knowingly brought more than 1 crore refugees to this country. I declare, as soon as I come to power, I will send all the refugees to their homes. Waiting for time.’ Aljazeera news.

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