For some time now, they have been talking about the possibility that Alvaro Morata ended up leaving Juventus in Turin since Xavi Hernandez wants it in the FC BarcelonaIt seems that the bianconeros are preparing in case the Spanish ends up leaving. Massimiliano Allegri would have asked his sports management to make the effort to sign Maxi Gomez, current player of the Valencia as you think you have a necessary profile for your staff.

According to the newspaper ACE, the Uruguayan footballer is one of the footballers that the Bianconero coach likes the most since he would consider him a new ‘Mandzukic’, that is, a secondary footballer who whenever he is given the opportunity, fully fulfills the field of play. At the moment, the aforementioned media reveals that the Italian team has not contacted either the Uruguayan player or the Valencian team, but if they end up losing Morata in this market, they will undoubtedly try to get his contract this January. .

He is not living his best season at Mestalla

Performance of Maxi Gomez at Valencia This season he is leaving a lot to be desired, in fact, the Mestalla fans begin to reproach him for his level every time he touches the ball since it does not generate any type of danger. His gunpowder is very wet since this year he has only scored 2 goals in 17 games and is supposed to be the club’s greatest reference in attack, unacceptable figures for the Che team.



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