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Julio Fis: “When they called me a monkey I scored ten goals and I was so happy”

Julio Fis: "When they called me a monkey I scored ten goals and I was so happy"

Julio Fis (Cuba, 48) happens to be one of Asobal’s deadliest scorers, and with a mark of 500 goals in a row between two seasons, a physically powerful guy of 1.93 meters tall. He has played in the Hungarian, German (Kiel) and Spanish leagues, at Ciudad Real, Bidasoa, Valladolid and Logroño. Juan Carlos Pastor made him debut in the national team. Retired due to his physical problems, he has settled in Ciudad Real, where works for Alarcos, has two children who are already raffled off by the best European handball clubs, and collaborates with the Federation of Cuba now that it no longer has problems entering the Island.

How do you see the controversy of racism that has been uncovered with Vinicius in Valencia?

-Nothing, an artificial matter that appears due to the frustration of the Real Madrid player, when he falls in the Champions League and is not playing well. Nobody likes to be insulted, of course, but these situations have always been experienced, and it is best to divert them. Of course it would be more positive to live with more educated environments, but I have lived through difficult situations, and I did not want to hear them. The best players are almost always insulted. One with racist issues, and others in a different way.

Have you also been the center of racial mockery?

-I? There are no words for the insults that she received in Hungary, for example. I have heard of everything in the visiting fields. People do it to destabilize you.

-But it would have to hurt, annoy, irritate, something.

– I didn’t care. Look, I went to a visiting field and people called me a monkey in minute one, and I laughed and scored ten goals for the rival; And with that I went home so happy.

Don’t tell me you didn’t care.

-I am like Vinicius, black. Okay, a black person who has never been insulted face to face, because that would be serious; white or black we are all the same and what you hear on a court is very unpleasant. Black or mono has the importance that you want to give it. Score goals, forget what they say, and play like you know how. So the voices are silenced. The important thing is that your colleagues and the people you deal with respect you. Don’t let the mass influence you.

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