Juancho Hernangómez ruled out Madrid

Juancho Hernangómez (27 years and 2.06 m) has been unemployed since February 28. The Toronto Raptors cut the Spanish international that day, who had landed in Canada on July 28 with a one-year contract and $2.3 million. The power forward left the team with 42 games behind him and 2.9 points (25.4% from the triple) and 2.9 rebounds in an average of 14.6 minutes on court.

Another stone in his hard way for an NBA in which he has linked six franchises in the last three yearssince he landed at the Minnesota Timberwolves in February 2020, his first destination after leaving the Denver Nuggets, who chose him number 15 in the 2016 draft and with whom he spent three and a half seasons.

Once fired, Juancho had to wait 48 hours to find out if any other franchise claimed his contract. As of that deadline, he was free to trade with any team in the North American League. Even to return to Europe. There was only one problem: on March 1 the transfer market closed in the Euroleague and also the option for NBA teams to register players for the playoffs.

But neither one thing nor the other. Hernangómez is currently without a team… although he has had offers. Or at least he has been knocked on the door. According to SER, Real Madrid probed the man from Madrid when he was left without a club, but the student youth squad’s response was ‘no, for now’.

Juancho’s desire, according to the network, is to find a new home in the North American League, which on April 9, in less than a month, closes its regular season. And with no playoff spot, Hernangómez would have limited minutes with a World Cup awaiting him next summer.

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