Joselu is Atlético’s alternative to Borja Iglesias

Joselu is Atlético's alternative to Borja Iglesias

Cholo Simeone definitely asks for a heavyweight killer who scores goals until exhaustion and that label is between two of the best forwards in LaLiga Santander, however, things are easier with the parakeet player

It is no secret to anyone that the Athletic is looking for a way to replace the absence of Joao Félix, and one of the perfect candidates is Joselu. The Spanish-German striker is writing his story in the golden book of RCD Espanyol by scoring a good number of goals on certain days.

Of course he Athletic He had first noticed the Betis scorer, we are talking about Borja Iglesias or better known as the Panda. However, things with the Compostela attacker are more difficult and the Verdiblanco club has already announced that it will make the player’s clause effective, which amounts to 100 kilos. On the other hand, the termination fee for Joselu it is much lower.

Joselu has 11 goals in 20 games with Espanyol, and has already entered parrot history.

Espanyol regrets placing a low clause on Joselu and Atlético will take advantage

What the former Alavés attacker has achieved this season dressed in the blue and white elastic has not been achieved by Tamudo, Osvaldo, Sergio García, Gerard Moreno, Borja Iglesias or De Tomás in this century. None of them have scored 10 goals in the first 17 games. A figure that was not recorded in the Catalan team 43 years ago with Rafa Marañon in 1980.

Joselu’s most precise data is 1,674 minutes spread over 20 games where he has scored 11 goals and 4 assists. Some figures that have the mattress team quite seduced and with the idea of ​​paying the player clause. It is there where the sports management regrets not having placed a quota higher than the 20 million euros in which he appears.

Simeone puts pressure on Atlético’s sports management to sign Joselu

Cholo Simeone does not give any more thought to the matter and has requested the signing of the parakeet scorer for this same winter market. The profile of the man born in Stuttgart is the most suitable and the one that best suits the offensive idea of ​​the Argentine coach. In addition, his goalscoring ability is what most attracts the attention of the Madrid club.

On the other hand, Diego Martínez feels the pressure from Atlético and other teams that are probing the signing for this same winter window. For this reason, he has asked the sports management of Domingo Catoira for solutions so that they do not take Joselu away, something very difficult. The Spanish-German could see with good eyes the signing of him by the Madrid team and participate internationally.


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