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Jorginho’s priority regarding his future

Jorginho's priority regarding his future

Jorginho has been linked to a possible exit from the Chelseaand it is that his contract ends in 2023. For several days, he has been related to the FC Barcelona, since Busquets is expected to leave at the end of the season for the United States to join Inter Miami. Thus, the Italian has been pointed out by all the national and international media as the possible substitute for the Blaugrana midfielder.

However, nothing is further from reality, and that is, according to reports matthew morettojournalist from Relief, Barça and Chelsea have not had any type of contact for the transfer of the player, nor has the culé team had any contact with the footballer himself. In fact, Jorginho’s real priority regarding his future is to reach an agreement with the Blues to renew his contract with the Premier League team, so, a priori, he is ruled out as an option for him. Barca.

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