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Jordi Fernández makes his first decision with the Brooklyn Nets

Jordi Fernández’s time as coach of the Brooklyn Nets began today and we have already learned what his plans are for the New York franchise.

Jordi Fernandez was confirmed by Brooklyn Nets was named head coach of the franchise for the next season, becoming the first Spaniard to hold the position. Their job will not be easy, as the New York franchise finds itself in a very delicate situation after the failed project Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving And James Harden.

That project with three of the league’s biggest stars failed last season. That’s what’s left Brooklyn Nets no rounds Draft and with really problematic team contracts. Contracts like that of Ben Simmonsranked as the worst in the league to contend with Jordi Fernandez in his first season in Brooklyn Nets.

Jordi Fernandez Brooklyn Nets
Jordi Fernández wants the franchise to renew a mainstay

Jordi Fernández makes his first big decision with the Brooklyn Nets

As we know, the contract ends this season Nic Claxton, one of the team’s best players. The center, only 25 years old, is a great rim protector with a modern five-point profile that is very popular in the league. Therefore, he will have a free agency where he will surely secure a very lucrative contract.

In this situation, Jordi Fernández has asked the Brooklyn Nets to extend Nic Claxton’s contract, because he believes that he is a very important player for the team. Likewise, when the time comes, he could be an important trade piece to obtain additional draft rounds and future assets to begin a complete rebuild.

The contract that Nic Claxton can secure

According to the latest information Nic Claxton’s salary with the Brooklyn Nets could be around $20 million annually. A salary that, although it seems very high, could end up being a bargain since he is a player who has a lot to offer on the field. And in today’s NBA, this player profile is highly sought after.

Be it as it may, Jordi Fernández wants him to move on and everything points to him being one of the cornerstones of the Brooklyn Nets the next season. It remains to be seen how the franchise completes the roster in free agency as the team’s future will depend on it. A team that, despite having good players like Cam Thomas and Mikal Bridges, is currently light years away from being able to compete with the best in the Eastern Conference.

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