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Jordi Alba at Atlético’s shot to cover the side

Just a few hours ago we learned that Jordi Alba will not continue at FC Barcelona next season and Atlético de Madrid wants him to cover the left side that has caused so many problems this season

Sergio Busquets seemed to be the only FC Barcelona veteran who was going to leave the club this summer, but in the end it won’t be like that. Jordi Alba he will no longer wear the Barça shirt and the Atletico Madrid has become interested again for your situation. This is not surprising, since already last summer market there were conversations between both parties in search of an agreement.

However, the winger continued under the orders of Xavi Hernández, who has been key to his decision. And it is that Alejandro Balde will continue to be the starter next season and Marcos Alonso will be his second option. That is why Jordi Alba has decided to leave FC Barcelona and his next destination could be Atlético de Madrid.

Atlético is interested in Jordi Alba
Jordi Alba debates between continuing in Europe or Saudi Arabia

Atlético de Madrid wants Jordi Alba

It’s no secret that Atlético is looking for a left-back for the next season. Sergio Reguilón will not continue in the team and Reinildo will be out until the end of the year, making it a priority for the rojiblanco team. And Simeone wants an experienced player who can perform from the start to be able to compete for all the titles.

That is why Atlético’s sports management has once again taken an interest in Jordi Alba. As we have commented, it is not the first time that conversations have taken place between the two parties, as the player was already on the club’s radar last summer. Now, these talks could be resumed with a view to one last adventure in the elite of Spanish football.

The millions of Saudi Arabia make the operation difficult

However, and although Simeone likes it to cover the left-back, the truth is that there are certain aspects that make his signing difficult. The most important of them is that Jordi Alba would be seriously considering the possibility of heading to Saudi Arabia this coming summer, as it has an important economic offer on the table.

Likewise, there he could meet up with great teammates and friends like Sergio Busquets and even Leo Messi, with whom he maintains a fantastic relationship. Be that as it may, we will have to keep waiting to see what it is the next step in Jordi Alba’s careerWell, at the moment he has not even officially announced his goodbye. A goodbye that will announce through a video on social networks.

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