Jonathan, the oldest tortoise in the world, turns 190

Jonathan, the oldest tortoise in the world, turns 190

The longest living land animal is a tortoise named Jonathan, who is now 190 years old.

Jonathan tortoise became the oldest tortoise recorded by mankind in 2022, receiving the Guinness Book of Records award after turning 190 years old. It was accepted that he was born in 1832 based on photographic records, but it was not until November of this year that he was finally given an official birthday.

Jonathan’s birthday was declared December 4, 1832 by the governor of the British Overseas Territory, Nigel Phillips, reports the Guardian. It was celebrated with three days of festivities at his home on the island of Santa Helena, in the South Atlantic.

The party was held at the governor’s house and was completed with a turtle birthday cake. A fitting tribute to a creature that is both the oldest living animal in the world and the oldest tortoise ever recorded.

Jonathan is a giant tortoise from the Seychelles (Aldabrachelys gigantea hololissa), and snatched the prestigious crown from the clutches of Tu’i Malila, a rayed tortoise who died aged 188 in 1965. Technically, its official title is the oldest chelonian, an order of carapace reptiles that includes all tortoises, tortoises, and tortoises. and land turtles.

In the absence of official documents, the tortoise’s age is an estimate based on an old photograph showing its arrival on Saint Helena from the Seychelles in 1882. In the photo, Jonathan appears fully mature, so he is likely to be at least 50 years old. , which suggests that he was born at least in 1832.

In his impressive passage through Earth, he saw 39 presidents of the United States parade and barely met Napoleon. His slow pace of life allowed him to be late in certain activities, and he didn’t take a bath until he was 184.

Though he’s been better than any land animal for 190 years, time is starting to take its toll: Jonathon has gone blind and has no sense of smell, but continues to have a big appetite, with favorites like bananas and lettuce. heads.

Photograph: Lucas McKernan


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