Jonathan Isaac falls again

Jonathan Isaac’s history in the NBA only gets worse. The one who was chosen in the sixth position of the Draft of 2017 he relives the ordeal from which he seemed to have emerged. Two and a half years without playing, 904 days without being able to play a game in the big North American league, recovery and redebut, and, very shortly after, a new injury that has forced him to undergo surgery. The 25-year-old forward tore the adductor in his left leg, an injury that was reported last Wednesday and was operated on Friday, and he will not play for the remainder of the season.

The Magic, who look down more than up on the tanking which can lead them to Victor Wembanyama, they did not need his services excessively. And more having to the Wagners, Wendell Carter or Paolo Bancherogood players, in the positions that he also occupies.

The penalty for Isaac is everything that had happened to find himself healthy and play again. He was injured in the NBA bubble in 2020 and it has not been until this year his return. Problems in the left knee left him in the dry dock for almost a thousand days and now it is that leg that gives him problems again. This course, after returning, he has only been able to play 11 games, in which he has averaged 5 points, 4 rebounds and 1.2 steals. He had become a positive element for the group, especially defensively, and now he can only focus on recovering his body again to fight on the courts.

“His strength to deal with adversity is unique. He has worked extremely hard to get back on track this season and has shown his impact on our team. We will be by his side”indicated Jeff Weltman, Chairman of the Magicin a statement from this franchise.

Problems from all fronts

A lanky 7-foot-10 forward who is capable of playing on the outside and being an intimidator in the zone, Jonathan Isaac’s career has been marked by negatives. Above all, because of these injuries, but also because of other stories. Isaac, who is a pastor at Jump Ministries Global Church, asked for a religious exemption from getting the COVID-19 vaccine when doses became available. During the Florida bubble in which he was injured, he also did not kneel, as almost everyone else did, to support the Black Lives Matter social movement, a curious fact for being black. The player has only 147 games in almost six years of activity, charging $ 17.4 million for the latter and still tied to a partially guaranteed contract until 2025.

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