Jonas Vingegaard: “This is the perfect preparation for Paris-Nice”

The last time a Jumbo rider climbed to the top of a podium next to the Santiago de Compostela cathedral was in 2021, when Primoz Roglic was crowned for the third consecutive time in La Vuelta. Until today… Jonas Vingegaard, In an image that can symbolize the replacement of the leadership in the Dutch squad, as it already happened in the last Tour de France, he flew above everyone with absolute authority to start 2023 with a bang: three stages and the general of O Gran Camiño. A performance never seen before by the Dane at this start of the season, although only seeing what methodical that is out of competition, such performance is not surprising. Whether it’s signing an autograph for a child, or a handshake with local authorities, it all ends the same way: Automatic hand washing with hydroalcoholic gel. It leaves nothing to chance. Champion gestures.

“I don’t remember, I’m not sure,” Jonas began his appearance in the mixed zone, laughing, when asked if he had ever scored a hat-trick playing soccer. “I am happy with the week we have had here. It’s been a good week of racing and I really liked it and enjoyed it. It’s a nice region and actually a super nice race as well. And if, I’m in good shape so I’m also happy with my own performance.” analyzed the Dane about his tremendous performance.

Vingegaard, on the podium of O Gran Camiño, with Jesús Herrada and Ruben Guerreiro.


Vingegaard, on the podium of O Gran Camiño, with Jesús Herrada and Ruben Guerreiro.Tim deWaeleGetty

With this performance, there is no doubt that Vingegaard is delighted about what he can offer in the next Paris-Nice against Tadej Pogacar: “I want to try to win as much as possible. I’m still eager to win and I still want to win a lot of races. I think for me this is the perfect preparation for Paris-Nice. I am very happy and proud to win all the stages and also to win the general. So I guess it couldn’t be better.”

And the thing does not end here, since to the delight of some fans who ran after Jonas at the end of the podium ceremony like a rock star, the Dane does not rule out the possibility of returning to O Gran Camiño in 2024: “There were a lot of fans on the road. And even when the weather was bad, there were still fans. So it’s great that you support this race. Repeat next year? Actually, yes, I would like to come back here. I enjoyed this week and this race.” The vengegaardmania arrived in Galicia.

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