Job opportunities in European countries, issuance of work permits continues –

The European country Ireland has started a work permit scheme for citizens of non-European countries, including Pakistanis, and has also accelerated the issuance of visas. are

In fact, Ireland is also facing a shortage of manpower for which it has launched a work permit scheme, the details of which have been issued in the first month of January this year.

In the first month of the year, a total of 2 thousand 525 work permits have been issued, of which the highest number of work permits were issued to Indian citizens, their number is 1 thousand 59, followed by citizens of the Philippines who have 227. While Brazil was in third place with 187 work permits.

110 work permits have been issued to Pakistanis, followed by China with 106 and South Africa with 101.

267 work permit applications have also been rejected. The Irish government is making the work permit scheme easier and faster to tackle the country’s labor shortage, with a number of changes to the rules.

Ireland’s Department of Justice has changed the minimum wage formula for work permit workers on January 1, requiring a minimum annual salary of more than €30,000 to be considered a worker on a work permit. It has been declared essential.

Also processing time for work permit is fixed at maximum 90 days.

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