Joao Félix had to go to Arabia because of Atlético

Gil Marín is not prepared to lose money on the most expensive operation in mattress history and if he has to sell the Portuguese to an exotic league to recoup a large part of the investment, he will do so.

Atlético de Madrid knows that FC Barcelona, ​​​​the club where Joao Félix is ​​on loan, will not pay the price that Vicente Gil Marín demands. The loan contract expires on June 30th of this year and it will therefore be known whether the Barça team will permanently keep the player or bring him back to the mattress team. In the first case, it must be the amount requested in the Madrid offices.

You have to rRemember that Atlético He spent a whopping 130 million euros in 2019, when the player had a basic cost of 70 kilos. With the price now reaching 40, the red and white team is aiming for it to receive between 70 and 80 million which of course Barça does not have, and even if it had them, it would not spend them in a single operation.

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Joao Félix doesn’t leave the door open to Atlético after declaring that Barcelona is the team of his dreams. (c) Photo: GOL digital.

If Barcelona do not pay the price demanded by Atlético, Joao Félix will go to Arabia

The Catalan team may not pay the sum of 70 or 80 kilos for the Portuguese striker, but the managers know several teams that would give it. These clubs are located in Saudi Arabia and due to the economy flowing there, investing this amount in a 24-year-old attacker is a viable operation.. The dilemma is whether the striker wants to play in an exotic league even at a young age.

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The option of Joao Félix returning to Atlético is ruled out as Simeone does not want him in his squad. Furthermore, the Lusitanian striker left the Colchonero club stating that Barça was the club of his dreams, which caused quite a displeasure among the Colchonero fans. So there’s nothing to do, or the Barça team pays the amount required or the player switches to Arab football.

Barça will not pay the price demanded by Atlético but still wants to move forward with Joao Félix

In addition to the near-economic crisis that the culé team is still suffering from, there is a concrete reason why they will not raise money to keep the Portuguese attacker. That has to do with his namesake and compatriot Joao Cancelo. As most people know, the former Bayern Munich full-back has arrived at the culé club and Laporta intends to stay with him permanently.

Manchester City, the owner of its sports rights, is demanding a high sum of between 25 and 35 million euros. The role played by the Portuguese is so important that Deco assured that no expense would be spared. So if the financial resources with the left winger are exhausted, there won’t be much room left for Joao Félix. They then want to extend the Portuguese’s loan for another year.

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