Home Sports Joao Cancelo to Bayern Munich strangles Atlético’s operation

Joao Cancelo to Bayern Munich strangles Atlético’s operation

Joao Cancelo to Bayern Munich strangles Atlético's operation

The Bavarian Giant would be the main person responsible for the mattress team not being able to reinforce its right side since the Portuguese would trigger a series of events in a domino effect

The Portuguese appears in the top 5 of the best right-backs in the world joao cancelreason enough for the Bayern Munich wants to buy it. And it is that despite still being leaders of the Bundesliga, Unión Berlin is already breathing down their necks, as are Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund, who are very close. This operation would bring great benefits to the German club but quite the opposite for the Athletic.

It is not that the mattress club has been interested in joao cancel since its price is quite high to execute said operation right now in the Madrid team. The reason why Simeone and Berta are concerned is that the arrival of the Portuguese to Bayern Munich It would cause a series of movements where Manchester City and Girona would be involved.

If Joao Cancelo goes to Bayern Munich, Manchester City will go for the signing of Arnaut Martínez, a player who is also on Atlético’s agenda.

If Joao Cancelo ends up going to Bayern Munich, Guardiola will ask Arnau Martínez

Pep Guardiola knows that the German club has everything to sign its star winger and he would have also shown that he wanted to go to the Bundesliga. For this reason he will not waste efforts in trying to convince the Portuguese but he will use them to sign his relief which is in Girona FC. We are talking about the 19-year-old Arnau Martínez.

The Catalan winger is also on Atlético’s agenda, and in fact several months ago they began the process for his signing in this or the summer market. However, the Girona team would be more inclined towards Manchester City’s offer since it represents more money. Besides, the player is more seduced by playing in the Premier League.

The only option for Atlético with Arnau Martínez is that Bayern Munich fail to sign Joao Cancelo

No matter how talented and future Arnau Martínez has, at the moment he is not at the level of Joao Cancelo to be his replacement in the citizen club. For this reason, the sports management is still contemplating the possibility of retaining the Portuguese winger at least until the end of this season while he makes some improvements to his contract.

The main problem is that Cancelo was recently renewed and his salary also improved. In this way, Bayern Munich seems like a more than desired destination for the Portuguese. If the English club manage to retain the former Valencia winger, Atlético will not hesitate to finalize the signing of Arnau Martínez once and for all, at least appreciating the 19-year-old boy to sign him in July.

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