Jihadists are considering using artificial intelligence to better spread their messages

The image is crucial for jihadists to spread their image Terrorist messages to gain followers among poorly educated and vulnerable Muslims. The aim is to give them an image of power and submission to the “infidels”, such as the video published a few days ago on the Islamic State networks, in which three people can be seen murdered by a shot in the back should be. forced to dig their own graves. The pleas for mercy from one of the victims are ignored because the jihadists, in their fanaticism, seem to be convinced that they are acting according to Allah’s intentions.

For some terrorists, all this seems to be not enough and they are leading a debate about expanding the use of media, including artificial intelligence (AI). “I think it would be great if the brothers produced videos about the daily news as an alternative to reading the news in text form and looking at pictures. Since most people would prefer to listen to videos and news instead of reading (…), they mainly watch news channels on television instead of reading newspapers. Or news on YouTube. News channels such as Al Jazeera report on the events of that day and show videos, images and statements from people.

“I feel like technology has evolved a lot and this would be easier to do today, especially with the use of AI. The media is as important as physical warfare, if not more so. Because they have a very big influence on constant refutation.” Media lies will convince thousands of people of the truth. The enemies of Allah lie blatantly, refuting them is easy and will change people’s minds about certain things. “Caricatures are also used to roast the stupidity of liars,” says the person who seems to be leading the debate.

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“If we do this in multiple languages, I think it could become very popular. Announce daily news, remind the world that our state (the jihadist gang) still exists, make clear the numbers of killings, injuries and land gains,” underlines another.

“I can understand the use of AI for security reasons, but it shouldn’t seem boring, regardless of whether a human or good AI is used,” says one of the participants. “Yes, we should start a Telegram group to put this together. My only concern is how we can reach a wider audience. “Will the IS media publish it?” he concludes.

There are also critics: “A waste of time if you look at the pictures or just read Nashir (one of the media platforms), which is already being translated into several languages ​​by various media foundations.” Just because some people landed With their attention span on things like YouTube or TikTok shorts it doesn’t matter, we shouldn’t follow this degenerate trend“.

“I think it would be great if the brothers produced videos about the daily news as an alternative to reading the news in text form and looking at pictures. Naba (the Islamic State’s weekly newspaper) already provides accurate weekly figures on operations and killings. There are also IS operations that are not even announced in Nashir for various reasons.” “Don’t discourage the brothers who want to do something in the media sector,” another concludes.

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