Jesé finds an explosive girlfriend on The Island of Temptations

One of the protagonists of the most notorious scandal is in charge of Jesé Rodriguez and his girlfriend, Aurah ruiz. Although she has decided to speak for the media, she has not. And it is that everything seems to indicate that the relationship would have come to an end due to a new disloyalty of the footballer.

On this occasion, the player of The palms, he has been seen with Sandra Pica, ex of The Island of Temptations and ex of Tom Brusse. It should be remembered that Pica met Brusse on The Island of Temptations and both have broken their relationship on another television island like that of Survivors.

And it is that Sandra Pica has shown to enjoy being single and, in addition to meeting Julen in Hombres y Mujeres and Viceversa, she would also have had an affair with Jesé Rodríguez. However, despite everything that happened, Aurah Ruiz gave her first words after breaking up with Jesé Rodríguez.

“It has cost me a lot but I am here. I want to start by saying I’m sorry to all those people I failed for not uploading videos ”, the canary began saying on her social networks. “Right now I am not ready to speak or express myself as I would like to be understood.”

He also added: “My life is now a bit misconfigured, I can’t explain myself well.” But she insisted: “I have been overwhelmed by everything that was happening and betrayed by people I had decided to trust. Right now I can’t tell you more but when it’s time I’ll tell you everything ”.

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Finally, Aurah has also insinuated that Jesé has withdrawn the help he had to take care of his son: “When the father is here I can sleep every day and when he is not he condemns me to not being able to. He does not give me that facility that he has and that I do not have to cover expenses ”.

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