Javier Milei reiterates his claim to the Malvinas and calls on Argentines to reconcile with the armed forces

The Argentine president reiterated the “unwavering claim” to sovereignty over the islands Falkland Islands and called on Argentines to “reconcile” with the Armed forces that in 1982, during the dictatorship, they declared war on the United Kingdom to gain control of the South Atlantic archipelago.

In front of the Buenos Aires cenotaph commemorating the 649 Argentines killed in the war declared on the United Kingdom by the government of a bloody dictatorship (1976-1983), he declared: “Nobody listens to a country and respects it “They despise their own armed forces,” said the president, surrounded by ministers, military leaders and veterans.

“There is no sovereignty without economic prosperity and no economic prosperity without freedom,” said the ultra-liberal president, who pledged that his government would present “a real and sincere claim (regarding the Malvinas), not just mere words, in international forums No” to promote impact on reality.

“We propose a state limited to its essential functions and the freedom to produce, work, trade and circulate,” Milei listed, considering economic prosperity essential “to be able to claim its sovereignty and from others Nations to be respected.”

“But the economy alone is not enough, there is no sovereignty and no international respect for our interests when the political leadership does everything to tarnish the name of our armed forces,” he said, making “the policy of harassment and humiliation.” Military responsible for this.

“That time is over, they are proud of our nation, they will enjoy the respect that has long been denied them,” he said.

The president made no mention of the dictatorship, whose crimes are still being exposed by the judiciary. More than 1,100 convicts have been sentenced in 317 verdicts and in 62 ongoing trials, including for the mistreatment and torture of its soldiers by the Argentine military during the war in the Malvinas, in addition to about 30,000 missing people, according to human rights organizations.

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On March 24, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in the Plaza de Mayo to denounce the crimes of the dictatorship.

“I don’t want respect to be a monopoly of a political space. “That is why I call on society as a whole to usher in a new era of reconciliation and give the armed forces the space, recognition and support they deserve,” he said. Javier Milei.

Argentina has claimed sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands through diplomatic channels since the war that lasted 74 days and saw the South American country surrender and kill 649 Argentinians and 255 Britons.

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