Home Sports Jasikevicius: “The key is to lower your ass”

Jasikevicius: “The key is to lower your ass”

Jasikevicius: "The key is to lower your ass"

The Barça coach, Sarunas Jasikeviciusassured that this Sunday he has seen “how to play and how not to play” in reference to the victory against Valencia Basket (81-75), in a match in the Barcelona team he reacted after a bad first half.

“We have seen how not to play and how to do it in two parts. We should stay with the reaction of the boys. We have spoken in the middle part that we could not continue like this, each one played on their own. We were lucky to go eleven down at half-time”analyzed the Lithuanian coach from the press room at the Palau Blaugrana.

Jasikevicius underlined the improvement of his team after passing through the changing rooms: “You have to give them a lot of credit. They have changed their mentality and we seemed like a team, a very good one. We have moved the ball, found free shots, fought and won split balls. We have all enjoyed it”.

“Our guys are very good individually, but individually you are not going to win anything. The key is to lower your ass, defend, make fouls, know how to suffer and not give away. And in attack, play as a team. I’m sure you enjoyed the second part”assessed the Barça coach.

The Lithuanian coach spoke about the decisive triple scored by Álex Abrines in the last seconds: “It makes a lot of sense what he does. He doesn’t know if someone touches the ball, touches it, gets up and it seems that 24 seconds are up. If he had not entered we would not have lost because of this decision either ”.

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