Home World Japan imposes new sanctions on Russia

Japan imposes new sanctions on Russia

Japan imposes new sanctions on Russia

Japan has imposed new sanctions on Russia. Along with Russia’s military sector, the construction and engineering sectors have also been brought under the ban.

Japan imposed the new ban on Friday. News from The Moscow Times

Hirokazu Matsuno, the top spokesman for the Japanese government, said that the seizure of assets of Russian individuals and groups, and restrictions on the export of goods to military organizations have been imposed. At the same time, there will be a ban on the export of construction and engineering services to Russia.

He also said that assets of 78 organizations and 17 individuals, including Russian army officers, will be seized. at the same time 80 companies, including Russian mobile phone operator Megaphone, have been banned from exporting.

Tokyo’s latest ban comes after Japan hosted the G-7 summit in Hiroshima last week. At the summit, alliance leaders agreed to impose sanctions on technology, industrial equipment and services aimed at weakening Russia.

A series of sanctions were imposed on Russia after sending troops to Ukraine in February last year. Kiev and its allies called for tougher action against Moscow.

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